Charlestown Civil War Veterans Photograph Project

Please consider supporting the Charlestown Historical Society and our fundraiser to refurbish the Charlestown Civil War Veterans frames to their original glory. These frames were rescued by the Charlestown Historical Society from the trash a few years ago and are in dire need of professional repair. These four frames feature the brave Townies who fought for the union of our country in 1861-1865.

The Charlestown Historical Society is interested in acquiring items for the archives, such as letters, histories, memoirs, objects or photographs related to the history of the town.

The CHS focus is not on a single eventful day in the town’s history. Rather the interest is in preserving the entire history of Charlestown – its traditions, its people and their stories.

To this end, we wish to collect stories, histories and anecdotes of your families past and connections with the town.

One example of the unique Charlestown history on which work is currently taking place, is the digitization and cataloging of Bob Munstedt’s large collection of slides and photographs of “The Bunker Hillbillies”, to identify members and date the material.

The digitized images and photographs of related artifacts (such as their instruments, costumes etc) are being made available on-line, in the public domain, to encourage comment and feedback – see eHive.

Ed Callahan is also interested in progressing a project to document the stories of the Charlestown ‘Loopers’ of the 1920s/30s.

eHive is the CHS’s on-line archival tool. This is a relatively new service that the CHS is ‘experimenting’ with, but is seen as a major step forward in making Charlestown related memorabilia available to whoever is ‘out there’ and looking in the Town’s direction – no matter where they may be.

To make donations of artifacts and memorabilia, please contact:

Arthur Hurley
P.O. Box 291776
Charlestown, MA 02129