Charlestown Redware

Redware Industry in Charlestown (1640-1790)

7:00 to 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday November 19th 2013

Battle of Bunker Hill Monument Museum, Auditorium.

Redware bowl 1

Earthenware was a major industry in New England. It was produced in all six states after the American Revolution, but Charlestown was the dominant supplier before 1775.

At least 40 potters worked in Charlestown between 1700-1775. Charlestown was a good source of clay, which was used by potters as well as by the Charlestown and Medford brick makers.

Joe Bagley, City of Boston Archaeologist and Justin Thomas, Scholarly Researcher and Redware Expert will discuss the history, growth and disappearance of redware production in Charlestown.

Bring pieces of pottery or other earthenware, if you would like to learn more from the experts.

Redware shards 2

Redware shard 1

The talk is sponsored by the Charlestown Historical Society and is open to the public at no charge.