The CHS 2014 Events Season is Under Way ….

CHS VP David Hennessey has been assembling a package of talks, presentations (and even some fun activities …) for the Historical Society’s 2014 Events Season.  The list is still being added to, and the First Event is:

Bradstreet Book Cover

Mistress Bradstreet,

The Untold Life of America’s First Poet,

by Charlotte Gordon

Charlotte Gordon will share the life of Mistress Bradstreet who was transplanted from England to the New World in 1630 at the age of 18 years old.

Arriving only a decade after the Pilgrims, Anne Bradstreet had to adapt from an educated gentle woman to a frontier farmer and wife, living under the dictates of Puritan Protestant dissenters.

Anne’s home in the New World was Charlestown, and Ms Gordon will describe in detail how educated women lived under the harsh Puritans rules.

Learn about the difficult and troubled life of women in the New World.

Bradstreet Grave Stone

2013 – 2014 Membership – Join Us !

The CHS Membership Year has already commenced and the CHS Board encourages you to not just attend David’s fine program of events, but join and support the CHS.

The Membership Year has been adjusted so a membership covers the Fall, Winter & Spring event season, so you only need one membership fee to cover the whole package of activities (previously it followed the calender year, so it was effectively two memberships).

A single Senior membership is only $10, and Individual is $25 and Family $35.

And  ….  volunteers are especially welcome!