What is the purpose of the CHS?

By reference to the CHS Constitution, Article II:


The object of the organization shall be the gathering and recording of the history of Charlestown and of individuals and families associated with the town; to collect and preserve historical artifacts and relics; and to found and maintain a museum where such collection shall be maintained and exhibited.

Additionally, the following paragraph from the ‘Articles of Organization’, provides guidance as to purpose:

Articles of Organization

The purposes for which the corporation is formed are as follows:

To foster and promote interest in the historical heritage of Charlestown; to disseminate information to the public concerning historical sites, landmarks, artifacts, and events relative to said historical heritage; to receive funds, donations, gifts and grants and to expend the same for the purpose of conservation, restoration, or disposition of landmarks, sites, artifacts, and events relative to said heritage; to analyze, study and make determinations relative to the conservation of said heritage and to set up or establish investigations, studies or research for the furtherance and clarification and discovery of matters pertinent to the historical heritage of Charlestown; to purchase or otherwise acquire interest in property, either real, personal, or intangible, for the restoration or preservation of said heritage; to sell or mortgage said property for the benefit of the promotion of said heritage  on such terms as shell be deemed best by the Directors of this Corporation.